How to Get Through the US Immigration Interview?

Every year, around 680, 000 permanent residents become citizens through naturalization. But even someone who fulfills all the eligibility requirements might not become a citizen. This is also true for those seeking permanent residency. Even if they have all the paperwork, they might still be denied a green card. The reason is that an applicant will have to appear for an in-person interview, and it is considered to be an important part. Those looking to become permanent residents or U.S. citizens cannot skip the interview, even if they’d like to. Interviews are always stressful. But there are ways to ease the stress and to succeed in them.

Things to do Before the Immigration Interview

Having all your documents completed and in order will help a person be more confident. The first step of the citizenship process, for example, is Form N-400. Once the fees are paid and the supporting documentation is provided, the form will then be up for approval. Once it is approved, a person will be scheduled for the personal interview. A person must make sure that everything on the form is accurate so that the information provided during the interview is not conflicting.

A medical examination may be required, so original medical records must be kept as they might be necessary during the interview. A person should organize his or her paperwork in order to let the immigration officer look through it faster.

During the Immigration Interview

A person should arrive to the interview at least 30 minutes before the interview. Politeness and honesty is necessary. Concealing information will cause a person to appear nervous, so it is best to avoid it. A person must know everything about the reason for the interview because he or she must understand what will be asked. For citizenship interviews, for example, there will be questions about U.S. history and government. For Green Cards through a spouse, on the other hands, there will be questions about a couple’s relationship.

Once a person has reached the interview stage of the immigration process, he or she needs to remain calm and confident and foresee success.  If he or she is has all the proper documents and knows what will be covered during the interview, the interview will be a success.

If doing the citizenship interview, be sure to order our US Citizenship Test DVD. It is designed to get you better prepared for the interview.

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