How to Prepare for the U.S. Naturalization Interview?

The US citizenship interview is one of the most important steps when you’re seeking naturalization. However, it is not something you should be scared about. If you study and prepare yourself enough with the right citizenship test study materials, you will do great!

The naturalization interview is done to determine the following:

  • Your knowledge of English
  • Your knowledge of U.S. history and civics

Your interview will be unique to your case. The USCIS officers will not conduct interviews in a standard way because every person applies under different circumstances. Nevertheless, in general, there are a few things that will certainly take place.

During the personal interview, the officer will review your Form N-400. He or she will run through a few of the questions on the form to ensure accuracy and to begin checking your language skills. You will be asked if there have been any changes since filing the form. You should be prepared if you do have to make changes.

To further test your English knowledge, you will be asked to read and write one out of three reading and writing questions. The Civics test will be administered following this. Out of ten civics question, you will have to answer six questions correctly. The questions will be basic. Here are some examples:

  • What does the Constitution do?
  • Name one branch of the government.
  • We elect a President for how many years?
  • What is the political party of the President now?
  • Name one state that borders Mexico.

If you do not answer six out of the ten questions correctly, or if you do but you don’t pass the English skills test, you will be rescheduled for another interview between 60 and 90 days after the first one. You have two chances to interview. If you do not pass the second time, you will have to file Form N-400 and pay the fees again.

Be sure to study ahead of time, practice with an English-speaking friend or family member and arrive to the interview at least 15 minutes early. Good luck!

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