Newsletter August 2011 – When Federal Law Discriminates, Marriages That Are Based On Love, Suffer

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When Federal Law Discriminates, Marriages That Are Based On Love, Suffer

According to a recent San Francisco Chronicle article, the Obama administration is enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by denying immigration benefits to a same sex couple married seven years ago in Massachusetts. Bradford Wells is the U.S. citizen spouse, and his husband, Anthony John Makk, is a citizen of Australia. Mr. Wells filed a Form I-130 Immigration Petition for Alien Relative, which was denied by the administration on July 26. Mr. Wells has AIDS, and relies on his husband as his primary caregiver.

The Chronicle has further reported that Mr. Makk has been ordered removed from the United States, and is required to depart by August 25. But the case is not as simple as the Chronicle suggests. Over the past several months, many cases involving same-sex bi-national couples have hit the news. Almost all of these cases, where a U.S. citizen is seeking to sponsor a foreign partner for immigration purposes, have involved couples in which one partner has faced deportation. And it also must be noted that almost all have ended with a delay or cancellation of the pending removal order.

Apparently, no removal order has been issued in the case of Mr. Makk and, therefore, no immediate threat of deportation exists. But we will follow their status and will give you updates concerning their case.

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