Newsletter December 2011 – The Path to Voting in the Next Election: US Citizenship

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The Path to Voting in the Next Election: US Citizenship

Are you happy with our politicians? Do you feel they are representing you and your interests? Do you feel they are listening to you? Do you feel confident that they will guide us through the uncertainties that the future holds for us? Yes or no, voting is the way to let them know. The vote is one of the most precious rights that can be bestowed through U.S. Citizenship. It is what truly represents the American Dream.

There is a 2012 Presidential election coming up which also includes the election of all U.S. Representatives and a third of U.S. Senators. There are issues that may be important to you – from Immigration Reform to job creation to reducing our debt.

So it is important that you make your voice count. If you are currently a Green Card holder who is eligible to file to become a U.S. Citizen, start the process now. It takes 6 to 10 months and that still gives some of you enough time to be eligible to vote in most states. Fill out Form N-400, Application for Naturalization and get started.

The beauty behind our elections is that done in the quiet of the voting booth with the stroke of only a pen or pulling of a lever. It is this quiet revolution that makes us proud to be Americans.

Apply now for U.S. Citizenship so you can vote and let your voice be heard!

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