Newsletter February 2011- Will the USCIS Raise Filing Fees Again?

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Will it cost more to apply for U.S. Citizenship, for sponsoring a relative or for renewing your Green Card? I hope not but the current 112th U.S. Congress is more conservative and definitely does not look at constructive Immigration Reform favorably. The House Republican Leadership wants to cut the budget for fiscal year 2011 substantially and one of my concerns is that this may include cutting any congressional funding to the USCIS.

Most of the USCIS budget is based on revenue from filing fees it collects from individuals submitting immigration forms. This accounted for more than $2.4 billion of the USCIS’ $2.8 billion budget in fiscal year 2011. And with a portion of its budget appropriated by the U.S. Congress, any further cuts may result in the USCIS raising its fees again in order to make up the shortfall in revenue.

I do hope that funding to the USCIS is spared because raising filing fees again. If that is to happen, then only those that can afford to immigrate to the United States will do so and the “tired, (the) poor/(The) huddled masses yearning to breathe free” will never experience the American Dream.

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