Newsletter February 2012 – The Faces of US Immigrants: Natalie Portman, An Actress and Ivy-League Swan

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The Faces of US Immigrants: Natalie Portman, An Actress and Ivy-League Swan

Natalie Hershlag, who is better known as Natalie Portman, was born on June 9, 1981. The actress holds dual American and Israeli citizenship. Her first role was as an orphan taken in by a hitman in the 1994 French action film Léon, but her break out role success came when she was cast as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. In 1999, she enrolled at Harvard College where she concentrated in psychology and obtained completed her bachelor’s degree in 2003.

In 2005, Portman received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in movie drama, Closer. She won a Constellation Award for Best Female Performance, and a Saturn Award for Best Actress for her starring role in V for Vendetta in 2006. She also played leading roles in the historical dramas Goya’s Ghosts (2006) and The Other Boleyn Girl (2008). And in 2011, Portman won the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, Independent Spirit Awards, and the BAFTA Award for her lead performance as Nina Sayers in Black Swan.

In 2009, she met ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied and in 2011, Natalie Portman gave birth to a son named Aleph Portman-Millepied.

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