Newsletter September 2011 – The Road to America is a Need

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Quote of the Month

The Road to America is a Need

Emigrating to America is not a choice but a need;
A need for freedom of choice, freedom from burden, freedom from the known.
Immigration is a journey made by so many on a road frequently traveled but not well understood;
It’s the road to America.
Glorified visions of a land with roads paved in gold;
A thirst for opportunity, a yearning for a better life.
And for whom?
For ourselves, for our children, for our children’s children.
It’s a road full of laughter and tears, full of potholes and whole pavement.
What whatever shape it is in, we stay on that road because we know, because we want to believe that is will lead to our Dreams.
Because as immigrants, we sacrificed everything to make that journey;
Because as immigrants, we believe that this is the land of hope;
Because as immigrants, we, like all others that came before us, deserve the same chance to reach for the stars;
And because as immigrants, we understand hardship and that is why we value community.
What we don’t understand is intolerance from those who are the sons and daughters of immigrants.
From those that yell about family values but are willing to break up families;
From those who shout about the American Dream but cannot see that the DREAM Act is part of it;
From those who shout and yell, yell and shout, that one day all their screams of hatred will disappear and what will be left is: family, community and the right to act on our dreams.
America is beautiful.
And that is why emigrating to America is not a choice but a desire.

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