Newsletter March 2011- The DREAM Act is Alive, One State at a Time


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The DREAM Act is Alive, One State at a Time

While the DREAM Act at the federal level seems to be going nowhere, state legislatures seem to be forging forward in creating state versions of the DREAM Act. The State of Maryland will soon vote on bill that if enacted, would allow undocumented high school graduates to pay in-state college tuition. Bill SB167, which was recently amended to include stricter eligibility requirements, would require a student to graduate from a Maryland high school, attend a community college within the high school’s jurisdiction and provide proof that the student, parent or legal guardian paid taxes for three years before entering college. In addition, the bill would also require the undocumented student to complete an associate’s degree, or 60 credits, from a community college before they can qualify for in-state tuition at a four-year Maryland university. They would also have to sign an affidavit stating they will apply for legal residency when they are eligible, and show proof of paid state income taxes while attending community college.

While these are pretty stringent requirements, it is a start. And really, what else can be done if the federal government continues to stay silent on this issue.