The Bureau of PRM – Population, Refugees and Migration

The Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration is a functional bureau within US Department of State. PRM assists the refugees, victims of conflict and homeless people by providing sustainable solutions. It helps them through repatriation, local integration and relocation. Population and migration policies are also promoted by this bureau. This is a bureau which focuses on a particular issue, wherever it is found to arise around the world. The goal of PRM is to protect the refugees, migrants and conflict victims who are found to lead their lives in dangerous situations. Its mission is to protect, reduce their sufferings and to resolve the difficulty of the persecuted on behalf of the Americans. This will be done by providing life-sustaining aid, building partnerships and by ensuring that humanitarian principles are integrated into the American national and foreign security policy.

PRM works with the international community in order to create durable solutions such as repatriation, local Integration and resettlement. Repatriation is nothing but going back to their homes if they are no longer at the peril of persecution. Local integration is getting settled permanently in the country to which they had moved. Resettlement is getting settled in a third country. Less than 1 percent of the refugees have resettled so far according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Resettlement is an essential durable tool for the refugees, to provide them with international protection and to meet their special needs, especially for those who are unable to return to their home countries.

PRM has around 130 foreign and civil service staff. The program of PRM to resettle refugees is handled by their Admissions Office in the United States. PRM also has a policy office which monitors and evaluates the relief work conducted by the organizations funded by PRM. PRM does not run refugee camps and likewise does not assist the refugees directly. This bureau assists the refugees by working with the United Nations and certain other international and non-governmental organizations, that run such relief programs. PRM administers the contributions provided to these organizations along with monitoring the programs that are funded by it. This bureau sees to that it works according to the American government policies.

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