USCIS Proposed Fee Increase 2020

Highlights of Proposed Fee Increases:

The proposal suggests an average increase of 21%  for more than 50% of its applications. Including a striking increase of 83% for the N-400 U.S. Citizenship Application fee, from the current $640 to $1,170. A 28% increase for the I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence from the current $595 to $760, and a 20% increase for the I-765 Employment Authorization Document from the current $400 to $490. 

At the moment, there is no direct fee associated with the I-821 Deferred Action Application, however under the new rule it would cost $275. Since form I-821 is filed together with I-765, Application for Employment Authorization Document, the application cost for DACA applicants would actually rise to $765.

Additionally, the proposed rule also suggests structural changes to the Family Based Green Card Application process that may double application costs. Currently, when adjusting your status to a Green card, the I-765 Employment Authorization and the I-131 Travel Document application fees are waived. However, if the proposed rule is approved, family based green card applicants would need to pay all form fees increasing the cost from the current $1,675 to $2,750.

The date on which the USCIS fee increase would be effective is not yet finalized but it is expected to be implemented very soon. If you are looking to file any immigration application, use our Immigration Direct services to prepare your form without any mistakes and file it with USCIS as soon as possible. 

Timeline of Proposed Fee Increases:

On November 14, 2019, the USCIS published on the Federal Register a proposal to adjust application fees to ensure all of its operational costs are covered. “USCIS is required to examine incoming and outgoing expenditures, just like a business, and make adjustments based on that analysis. This proposed adjustment in fees would ensure more applicants cover the true cost of their applications and minimize subsidies from an already over-extended system,” said Ken Cuccinelli, director of USCIS. 

In January of this year the proposal has been reopened and while there is no effective date yet, immigration experts expect the final rule on fee increases to be published soon. The commenting period was closed on February 10, 2020.

Table of the Most Popular Application Forms with the Proposed Fee Increases:

The table below shows the current and the proposed fee for most popular application forms.

USCIS Form Brief DescriptionCurrent FeeProposed FeePercentage of Difference
N-400U.S. Citizenship$640/$320$1,17083%
Family Based Green Card $1,675 $2,75064%
I-821DDeferred Action Application$0$275N/A
I-751Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence$595$76028%
I-765Application for Employment Authorization$410$49020%
I-131Refugee Travel Document for a child under the age of 16$105$11510%
I-824Action on Approved Application or Petition$465$5008%
I-131Travel Document for an individual age 16 or older $135$1457%
I-131Application for Travel Document$575$5852%

The biometric services fee varies for different immigration forms.

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