What is Post Decision Activity?

Post Decision Activity is what happens after the USCIS makes a decision on whether or not to approve or deny petitioners’ USCIS forms.


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the government agency in charge of lawful immigration. It grants immigration and citizenship benefits to petitioning immigrants. It is in charge of overseeing applications and petitions and checking their veracity.

When you file an application to the USCIS, the first part of the process is acceptance. The USCIS will check the form or petition to see if it has been signed correctly and it checks to make sure the proper fees have been paid. Petitions are rejected immediately if a signature is missing or not in black ink, the fees were not fully paid and/or the form submitted is not the original form but a copy instead.

Once the signature and fees are confirmed, the form is considered to be accepted, merely accepted because acceptance does not guarantee anything other than the review of your application. This is the stage in which all the fields of the form and the evidence submitted is checked. USCIS may deny your application at this stage if questions are not answered fully or accurately or you are missing documents essential to your application. If the USCIS does not deny it on this basis, it will request more evidence. This request could include the submission of original documents instead of copies.

If an interview is required of your specific petition, then it will take place after the USCIS reviews your application and documents. An identity and background check usually takes place. The interview will result in a decision on your petition.

Post-decision activities include all actions USCIS takes with both an approved or denied application. When an application is approved, for example, the USCIS will send a notice to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. That is a post-decision activity. When an application is denied and a petitioner appeals the denial decision, the processing of this appeal or the decision to reconsider are also both regarded as post-decision activities.

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