What You Need to Know About a US Visitor Visa ?

In general, a foreign national must obtain a visa to travel to the United States. A temporary or a non-immigrant visamust be obtained if the foreign national intends to stay in America temporarily and an immigrant visa, a permanent visa, must be obtained if the idea is to stay permanently in the United States. It must also be remembered that the individuals traveling on a visitor visa will not be allowed to accept any employment offer during their stay in America. Foreign nationals who wish to travel to the United States on temporary basis, for tourism, medical treatment or for business, may obtain “B” visitor visas.

B-1 Business Visitor Visa

You may apply for a business visitor visa if you wish to travel to the United States for purposes related to business. You may travel with a B-1 business visitor visa for educational and scientific purposes. You may also use this visa to attend business conferences or to negotiate a contract in the United States. But you must choose the appropriate type of visa according to the purpose of your travel.

B-2 Visitor Visa for Tourism and Medical Treatment

If you intend to travel to the United States for tourism, vacation and to visit your family or friends, you may apply for a B-2 visitor visa. You can travel with a B-2 visa if you intend to travel to America for medical treatment and for rest. A B-2 visa is also appropriate for people traveling to the United States for music concerts and sports for which they may receive no remuneration in the United States.

B-1 and B-2 visas are generally issued for a period of three months to ten years. After you enter the United States on one of these visas, you may request an extension of six months which depends on the decision of the USCIS. These visas are not appropriate for the people who wish to travel to the United States as temporary employees, students, journalists, or crewmen.

Eligibility Requirements for a Visitor Visa

There are certain eligibility requirements to be satisfied by the applicants to qualify for a visitor visa according to the Immigration and Nationality Act. Your eligibility for a visitor visa will be determined by a US consular officer. As an applicant for a visitor visa, you must establish that you are traveling to the United States temporarily for tourism or for medical treatment. A visitor in the United States cannot become a public charge, hence you must also prove that you have enough funds to take care of yourself in the United States.

You must also prove that you own property in your home country to establish your family and economic ties. This is to prove that you will not try to remain in the United States permanently and that you will return to your native at the end of your visit. You may not be granted a visitor visa if you were convicted of crimes in the past or if you have communicable diseases. You also cannot obtain a visitor visa if you do not have a passport or if it was lost.

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