200 Become US Citizens in Michigan Naturalization Ceremony

Two hundred immigrants are now US citizens after being sworn in during a naturalization ceremony in Dearborn, Michigan, according to the Detroit News.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau conducted the ceremony, after which Michigan’s Secretary of State’s office gave the new citizens the opportunity to register to vote. The newspaper said the the ceremony also included speakers, such as Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, who discussed his own family’s history and immigration from Italy.

Yunan Guo, a 50-year-old man originally from China, told the paper that he has lived in this country for 15 years and is excited to finally have the opportunity to cast his vote and participate in the nation’s political discourse.

“I’ve spent so long in this country I’ve wanted to express my opinion on some things. I think it’s a good opportunity,” Guo said, adding that his wife and daughter are currently in the process of becoming citizens.

To apply for naturalization, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services reports that an individual must be a permanent resident for at least five years, be able to read, write and speak basic English, and have a basic knowledge of US history and government.