Month: May 2015

Nebraska final state to pass driver’s license law

With immigration reform heating up as a primary topic for the upcoming presidential election, it might be fair to say that states are beginning to feel more pressure to develop new policies. That seemed evident this past week, as Nebraska became the final state in the country to pass legislation allowing “Dreamers” to receive driver’s licenses. …

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California passes anti immigration-fraud bill

Following in the footsteps of New York State, California has made headlines in immigration reform this week by passing an anti immigration fraud bill. According to San Diego State University affiliate KPBS, the bill passed through the California General Assembly and received approval on Thursday, May 28 and should take effect immediately. Immigration fraud has …

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Aumenta la migraci

Durante varias décadas las relaciones diplomáticas entre Estados Unidos y Cuba fueron frías y lejanas. En los últimos meses el Presidente Obama ha buscado un acercamiento y restauración de relaciones, consiguiendo mejorar el diálogo entre ambos países. Los primeros resultados fueron la reunión del Presidente Obama con Raúl Castro y el aumento de migrantes cubanos …

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