95-year-old WWII vet finally gets certificate of US citizenship

The 95-year-old Washington resident and World War II veteran Leland Davidson has been living in the US so long and traveling outside it so little that he never even owned a passport – yet recently, his American citizenship has been called into question.

According to the Seattle Times, Davidson and his wife of 51 years would often travel across the Canadian border, where the veteran lived until the age of 5. Only recently, when the US began requiring proof of citizenship for those entering the US from Canada, did Davidson run into problems, along with many other Canadian-born Americans.

When he applied for a special driver’s license that one needs to be a citizen to hold in order to more easily travel across the border to visit family, he was reportedly told “You’re still a Canadian.”

After months of struggling to prove his US citizenship, Davidson was finally granted a certificate of citizenship at a US Citizenship and Immigration Services ceremony. Other recipients at the ceremony included 51 children, as the event was only for those who had gotten their citizenship through their parents, even if it occurred many decades ago, as was Davidson’s case.

According to Fox News, the newly-documented American citizen says he plans to hang the certificate along with his medals and other mementos from his time serving in the Navy.