Activists march 285 miles for immigration reform

Activists in California embarked on an impressive journey to march 285 miles from Sacramento to Bakersfield, Calif., for immigration reform. Eleven people marched for two weeks on foot and were met by four new activists who joined along the way, according to NBC Latino. The march ended on Sunday, September 1.

“I am exhausted,” activist Estefany Mendez told the source. “I have never done anything like this and it was definitely hard to keep pressing forward. However, thinking of all the people that are dying daily crossing the desert and not having a nurse to take care of them was what kept me going.”

Under the proposed federal Dream Act, a pathway to citizenship will be offered to immigrants who entered the United States before they turned 15 years old. However, activists are pushing for the reform to apply to immigrants regardless of age. They are hoping for quick and affordable citizenship for all immigrants in the U.S.

The goal of the march, sponsored by Pilgrimage for a Pathway to Citizenship, was to reach Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s office.

“Kevin McCarthy is a very important congressman,” Dr. Gonzalo Santos, a participant in the march, told the source. “He holds the number three position in the House of Representatives, which up to now, has been playing a tremendous obstructionist role.” McCarthy is currently the House Majority Whip.

While the activists did not have a chance to meet with the congressman, they left their shoes on an altar outside his office as a symbolic gesture of their efforts.