Actress Olivia Wilde speaks out against Trump’s immigration views

Recently, actor Robert De Niro screened his new short film “Ellis” at a secluded venue in Manhattan. Celebrities like Susan Surandon, Jane Rosenthal and Olivia Wilde made up part of the small group of individuals that were in attendance for the private screening.

The film sheds an unpleasant light around the struggles that immigrants of this country faced while going through the immigration process at Ellis Island. The screening got some, like Olivia Wilde, thinking about the current direction of immigration reform in the U.S. and the politicians on either side of the topic.

“It made me think of the current refugee crisis,” Wilde said in an interview with the New York Post’s Page Six about the film. “[America] was a beacon of hope for so many…yet some in this country have developed this xenophobia that totally conflicts with what we’re based on.”

She went on to express her displeasure with the fact that Donald Trump is a legitimate presidential candidate. In fact, she and dozens of other artists and celebrities attempted to convince Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, to run for president instead by writing her a collective letter, according to Vanity Fair.

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