Advocates show courage in support of immigration reform

People across the U.S. are rallying to support immigration reform and the the fair treatment of immigrants detained for misdemeanors. Major hotbeds of advocacy group activity in recent weeks are located throughout the state of California and around government offices in the U.S. capitol. Latinos from every part of California are supporting the Trust Act, while women of every age, race, culture and creed have gathered calling for a halt to deportations and greater awareness for immigration reform.

Support for the Trust Act
In recent years, Californians have banded together in a show of solidarity for their family members and friends who have been deported or detained because of their status as undocumented immigrants. The Trust Act, which went into effect January 2014, has drastically reduced the number of deportations in California, giving immigration reform advocates hope in a time when the national number of deportations has reached a historic high. The measure, which allows a greater number of detained immigrants to be released in a shorter period of time, avoids the hassle of transferring detainees to federal immigration authorities.

Rallying for immigration reform
While the residents of California are raising awareness of immigration reform on the West coast, 100 women from across the country launched a 48-hour fast. The group of women is aiming to make the issue a serious one for American families while prompting thoughtful discussions on better immigration laws and fairer detainment and deportation policies. According to Pramila Jayapal, the chair of the advocacy group We Belong Together, both politicians and the public need to get involved.

“We are going to give up our food for the next 48 hours so that we can feed the courage of the leaders in the House GOP and we can feed the courage of the executive branch to both pass immigration reform in the House and to stop deportations and end the suffering of families across the country,” Jayapal said in a press conference.