Alabama Congressman to Propose Bill Giving States More Immigration Reform Power

US Representative Mo Brooks plans to introduce new legislation that would give states more power to enforce their individual immigration reform laws, the Huntsville Times reports.

Many states have complained in recent months that the federal government does not adequately enforce immigration laws. As a result, they have taken the matter into their own hands, passing several immigration reform laws. However, since many of those laws have been essentially blocked by lawsuits, but Brooks’ bill would give the state’s more freedom to enforce their own laws regarding unauthorized immigrants and undocumented workers.

Brooks knows that his bill will likely not pass on Capitol Hill, especially since Republicans and Democrats are largely polarized on the issue of illegal immigration, but he’s prepared for a long fight.

“My goal is to keep introducing it year after year, slowly gaining support, until it does pass,” he explained at a town hall meeting in Huntsville.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed the state’s illegal immigration legislation into law on June 9, after Georgia and Arizona also voted to enact similarly tough laws. Scheduled to take effect on September 1, the law faces opposition from several civil rights groups.