Architect of Arizona Immigration Bill May Face Recall Election

The Arizona senator who was the driving force behind the state's controversial immigration bill will likely face a recall vote, according to media reports.
Opponents of the staunchly conservative Senate President Russell Pierce have collected enough signatures to force him to stand for re-election. The Maricopa County Recorder's Office confirmed it has verified 8.238 signatures as coming from registered voters in Pierce's district, more than the 7,765 signatures required for a special election.
However, it is up to Governor Jan Brewer to issue the final order for a special election. The Arizona Republic reports that if Brewer approves it this will be the first recall election of a state legislator in state history.
Pearce has indicated he will fight to keep his Senate seat if there is a recall, reported the newspaper.
Pearce is notoriously conservative when it comes to immigration reform. The senator has famously advocated for more restrictions on what he calls birthright citizenship, calling for a measure that would prevent the children of illegal immigrants who are born in this country from receiving US citizenship.