Arizona Appeals to Public to Raise Funds For Border Fence

Arizona Republicans are asking for the American public’s help in order to raise money toward the construction of a fence along the Mexico border.

A law that allows for the construction of the fence goes into effect on July 20, but as of now, Arizona does not have enough funds to complete the massive project without additional support. Senator Steve Smith, who sponsored the legislation, told the Christian Science Monitor that the goal is to collect $50 million in donations.

Smith said his goal is to build a solid, continuous fence “and have the entire border completely and properly secured.” He added that the state would rely on inmate labor and donated supplies to keep costs down.

However, those in favor of the fence still have to negotiate with landowners and the federal government before construction can legally begin.

Smith said he plans on seeking donations through the web. History seems to imply that bid may be successful. Last year, Governor Jan Brewer set up a legal defense fund to fend off lawsuits challenging the state’s controversial immigration law and raised more than $3.6 million in primarily online donations.