Arizona Immigration Spurs Some States to Stricter Laws

Although the Supreme Court’s final decision on Arizona’s tough immigration laws has not yet been made, public comments from the justices about the law point to the fact that many of the law’s facets will be upheld.

The foreseeable ruling has spawned many states to act on their own current immigration laws, such as Kansas. Kansas’s’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach has long been a proponent of stricter citizenship and immigration laws, and has assisted in the drafting of several tough state-wide immigration laws, including Arizona’s. David Cary wrote in his recent article for The Associated Press that a favorable ruling for SB 1070 would give states like Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah a legal “go-ahead” for their own stringent current or proposed immigration laws.

However, some experts believe that many states may be moving too soon, as the 2012 election is sure to create large changes to the legislature that may make any new immigration law proposals less favorably looked upon, according to the AP.

Despite Arizona’s law holding up legally in court, many immigration advocates and critics of SB 1070 believe that the law’s ideals are still more detrimental than they are helpful. A recent USA Today article commented on the fact that every new group of immigrants that comes from a particular ethnic group has been similarly spurned, yet the United States has yet to learn from its mistakes of trying to push new immigrants out of a country through force and fear.

“Each past great wave of immigration was greeted with similar ham-handedness,” stated the source. “Each time, the flood was staunched, but through an indulgence of bigotry that should be unacceptable.”