Arizona students march on capitol in protest of immigration bill

A number of Phoenix, Arizona high school students walked out of their classes on Friday, March 4, and headed to the capitol building to express their displeasure at Senate Bill 1611, which seeks to crack down on illegal immigration.

The Arizona Republic reports that about 50 to 100 students marched to the capitol, with a number of others being coaxed back to campus by school staff.

Among other things, the bill the students are protesting would require public and private schools to demand proof of legal residency before enrolling students. The legislation also states that should students be unable to prove their legal residency, the school would be forced to contact law enforcement officials.

“This state Legislature continues to introduce divisive legislation and now our students are scared, threatened and are taking desperate actions by walking out of class to march to the State Capitol,” state Senator Steve Gallardo told the news source. “SB 1611 is unconstitutional and is nothing but politicking.”

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved SB 1611 on February 23, but it has yet to be approved by the full Senate.