Army and Navy now allow US citizenship applications in basic training

Authorities have recently made it easier to obtain US citizenship through military servuce by providing a way for recruits to finalize their application while they’re still in basic training.

Army and Navy recruits won’t get any special breaks from the grueling 12- to 16-hour days that basic training entails to go through the procedures that acquiring citizenship requires, The Associated Press reports. Nevertheless, allowing recruits to carry out the process of applying for citizenship during basic training may be a better option for them and their commanders than waiting until they are deployed, possibly far from US embassies.

Allowing recruits in basic training to go through the procedures of acquiring citizenship implies changing a no-visitors policy during boot camp so that immigration officials access and speak to the recruits, the news source reports.

The military pathway to citizenship is a popular one – the government reportedly granted citizenship to 11,146 service members in fiscal year 2010. Due to its popularity, however, it has also been used for scams, like that orchestrated by Yupeng Deng, a California man who charged more than 100 Chinese nationals fees for joining a phony Army unit that he claimed would allow them to become American citizens, Pasadena Star-News reports.