Boehner’s resignation may prove positive for immigration reform

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner recently announced his resignation from his position effective at the end of October.

For some time, Boehner had said he would take on the controversial issue of immigration reform. In fact, a little over two years ago, he made a public statement on the issue of immigration reform that would, in the end, result in few policy changes.

He once said in a public vow, “It is time for Congress to act … I believe the House has its job to do, and we will do our job.”

But no meaningful policy changes went into effect during his time in office. Political analysts are quick to point to his party affiliation as the reason he never took any action. In fact, critics attribute the lack of action to a fear of party repercussions toward his political career. There was even a point in time when it seemed as though members of his own party were vying to strip him of his title as Speaker of the House. It’s because of this reason that most people in the political arena can’t see anything changing anytime soon, especially as a result of any action taken by Boehner, according to MSNBC.

But some people remain optimistic that Boehner will make good on his promises before he leaves his office at the end of October.

“He can allow a vote on comprehensive immigration reform to go forward and leave the House knowing he had reopened a vital national dialog with one of his final acts as speaker,” Hector Sanchez, chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, told NBC News.

However, as MSNBC reported, Boehner doesn’t have a bill or a plan set for immigration reform.

Next man (or woman) up
Pro-immigration advocates now have optimism the next speaker could tackle the reform change. A politician who better recognizes the far-reaching implications that the issue of immigration reform has on all facets of the country will be more apt to tackle the issue, according to Fox News Latino. Many political analysts think that Californian Republican Kevin McCarthy (who had been serving as Boehner’s chief deputy) will be the man to fill the vacant seat.

The scope of immigration reform continues to extend past civil rights issues. There are enough undocumented immigrants in the American work force that immigration has evolved into an issue involving the economy as well.