Both Parties Optimistic About Immigration Reform

Leaders from both the Republican and Democratic parties agree that something needs to be done about immigration; but whether it will be comprehensive immigration reform remains a question, according to CBS News. One option for the Republican party is to create a piecemeal approach to immigration to increase border security while Democrats are searching for a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrations currently living in the U.S.

“They will act; they have to,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said during an appearance on Meet the Press regarding the House of Representatives. “This is something that the vast, vast majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents support, and John Boehner should let the House vote. That’s all he has to do. If the House voted, it would pass overwhelmingly.”

House Speaker John Boehner said no bill will be brought to the House floor for a vote unless the majority of his party supports it, leaving the Senate’s legislation nearly dead before it even made it to the House despite its overwhelming popularity. According to the source, Republicans prefer to confront immigration piece by piece, with border control being its top priority.

Senators argue the House should approach immigration on a bipartisan basis and Senator Dick Durbin said he feels as if those who opposed the Senate’s bill may never feel completely satisfied with how much border control results from legislation, CBS reported. Despite the differences between the two parties, both want to get something done and work to repair the nation’s broken immigration system.

Americans support Democrats’ view on immigration
A new poll by Gallup showed that 48 percent of Americans support the Democrats’ approach to immigration reform compared to 36 percent who preferred the Republicans’ stance on how to repair the immigration system, The Washington Post reported. Approximately 60 percent of Latinos polled showed Democratic support, only 26 percent supported Republicans.