Business owners want to hire international talent

Business owners in New Jersey are pushing for immigration reform because they believe it will help their companies grow. Entrepreneurs in New Jersey are looking to diversify their staff and want a greater pool of applicants to apply for their job openings, reported Similarly, business owners in Texas have pleaded with lawmakers to speed up immigration reform for workers.

Community leaders and members of various chamber of commerce offices are hoping for fast legislative reform within Texas and New Jersey. Supporters of immigration reform feel they are missing out on top talent when intelligent and skilled international students attend college in the U.S. only to return to their home countries because of strict laws.

“These are good people who show up to work every day, who want to be citizens,” J. Kelly Conklin, president of Foley-Waite Associates Inc., told

Conklin has tried to go through the lengthy process of sponsoring foreign workers, however, he has faced setbacks. When the paperwork does not go through in time, a temporary visa expires and workers are forced to leave the country.

If sponsoring a foreign worker or getting him or her a work visa did not take a long time, more businesses would be able to hire top talent. With 764,000 international students scattered across the country, it is no wonder why many companies want to hire college graduates and other international workers.