California Attorney General Offers Support For Undocumented Immigrant

Sergio Garcia was brought to the United States as a child but always knew he was destined to follow his dreams. Garcia, an undocumented resident of the U.S., put himself through law school by working a series of odd jobs and managed to pass California’s law exam on the first try. After passing the test, the American Bar Association deemed him an exemplary fit to practice law. However, Garcia has been waiting to hear whether he will ever be allowed to follow his dreams to practice law in the U.S.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Garcia, now 35, was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents as an infant. His father has legal U.S. citizenship and has sponsored his application for legal status. Although the government has found Garcia eligible, he may potentially be on a waiting list for another decade until he is officially approved.

According to The Associated Press, the decision as to whether he will be able to practice law lies within the California Supreme Court, who is expected to come to a conclusion soon. California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris recently filed a brief with the court in support of Garcia, which has been viewed as a huge step by many immigration advocates. Harris wrote that admitting him to the bar would be consistent with California’s policy, which encourages immigrants to contribute to society.

While there is no way to be sure what the decision will be, the United States Department of Justice is expected to file a brief to the state in August. Immigration expert Jereome Fishkin believes that Garcia should be able to work in the country legally, as he has made an example for other immigrants working toward their goals.

“Sergio is poster boy for the sort of immigrant that made this country great. He comes here, he works hard, he’s not been on welfare, not taken student loans and worked his way all the way through,” Fishkin said.