Calls for immigration reform continue across the U.S.

The debate over comprehensive immigration reform continues while lawmakers, civil rights activists and diverse communities everywhere are emphatically expressing their desire to create a better world for undocumented immigrants. Immigration reform advocates are gathering in multiple cities across the U.S. to stand against the unfair treatment of undocumented immigrants, and legislators in key states are heating up the discussions for realistic, practical additions to progressive reform.

Protest rallies in New Mexico call for civil responsibility 
Earlier in April, hundreds of citizens of Doña Ana County, N.M., carried picket signs that read “la poli-migra” and chanted for pro-immigration reform outside the county sheriff’s office. The focus of their protest was the unfair treatment of immigrants in the area. According to the Latino Post, police are greatly extending their authority as law enforcement agents, spurring Border Network for Human Rights, an immigration and human rights advocacy organization, to hold the rally and prompt the officers to cease aggressive actions.

The protesters have come together to shed light on certain aggressive acts of the Doña Ana County officers, which include officers acting as federal immigration agents during traffic stops. The police are also reportedly inquiring about citizens’ immigration status at these stops, demanding to see proof of citizenship and asking for their Social Security number. Representatives of the sheriff’s office denies that these actions have taken place, but add that its officers are not overstepping the boundaries of their jobs by helping enforce immigration law.

Reform supporters pushing for quick legislative response
In Florida, politicians, civil rights supporters and the League of Women Voters are putting pressure on Congress to pass immigration reform. Florida has almost a million undocumented immigrants, who help boost the state’s economy on a daily basis. According to,  State Senator Darren Soto believes Florida is one of the most influential states when it comes to immigration reform, and winning the battle here would be a great victory.