Children of Foreign Diplomats have ‘Super Citizen’ Status, Says CIS Report

A loose reading of the 14th Amendment’s citizenship clause has resulted in a new breed of “super citizens,” according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

The report found that due to a lack of direction from Congress, many children of foreign diplomats born in the US have received both US birth certificates and Social Security numbers, despite the fact that it has been generally agreed that children born to foreign diplomats are not to be granted US citizenship.

Moreover, the CIS study found that the children of foreign diplomats who receive US birth certificates and Social Security numbers have more rights and protections than the average US citizen. These individuals are able to enjoy all the benefits of US citizenship while still invoking diplomatic immunity if they break a law.

Legally, the children of foreign diplomats who receive diplomatic immunity are not supposed to be eligible for US citizenship. However, the report found that it is incredibly easy for diplomats to request Social Security numbers through basic paperwork for their children if they are born in an American hospitals.

Despite the controversy, a State Department spokesman told Fox News that under the law, children of foreign diplomats are entitled to an official American birth certificate. While the US born children of diplomats are not technically eligible to receive Social Security numbers, there is reportedly no mechanism in place to prevent it.