Chipotle workers quit in anticipation of immigration audits

A recent Reuters report indicates that a number of undocumented workers at Chipotole restaurants in Washington, D.C., and Virginia are quitting their jobs in anticipation of scheduled audits conducted by federal immigration officials.

“Some people in those restaurants – although it was very, very few – decided to sort of opt out at that point or go look for another job. I guess I would suspect that their documents were probably ones that would be suspect,” Chipotle co-Chief Executive Monty Moran said in a webcast from the Raymond James Institutional Investors Conference.

Moran said that most of the departures from the restaurant’s workforce in D.C. and Virginia, where there are about 60 Chipotles, came after workers were informed that their work-eligibility documents may be reviewed by personnel from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The news source reports that a similar audit of the chain’s Minnesota stores resulted in the termination of about 450 employees.

Chipotle is currently hiring people in Virginia and D.C. to make up for the departures, according to the news source.

The chain was founded in 1993.