Church Offers Free Immigration Support

A church in Pharr, Texas, is offering free immigration support and law advice to help new residents navigate the complicated legal world regarding immigration in the US, The Monitor Reports.

The event, hosted monthly at the Pharr United Methodist Church, is part of Justice for Our Neighbors, a faith-based organization that provides guidance to immigrants.

Most families who attend the event have questions about obtaining citizenship for permanent residents, but others come with complicated legal issues, such as how to obtain legal citizenship for family members who have crossed the border illegally.

Volunteers are on hand to facilitate the process and welcome guests, but attorneys are on hand to give the actual legal advice. This system is a safe alternative to some criminals who pose as immigration attorneys and give legal advice that could put applications for citizenship or residency in jeopardy.

Similar events have been held throughout the country, including in Alabama. Recently, a workshop for immigrant families was planned by the Alabama Appleseed organization, a non-profit advocacy event, according to Migration Expert. Immigrants in Alabama have been increasingly looking for legal advice before the state’s tough immigration law goes into effect on September 1.

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