Civil rights group sues to block new Alabama immigration law

A civil rights group has filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of Alabama’s new immigration law. An Alabama-based civil rights group named the Southern Poverty Law Center sued to prevent the state’s new law from taking effect, calling the statute’s crackdown on illegal immigrants “the most extreme in the nation,” reported Bloomberg.

The contentious new law that has been passed makes it illegal to be in Alabama without having valid immigration documentation, according to the Wall Street Journal. The new law also grants police the authority to verify the immigration status of individuals who have been arrested. In addition, the law makes it a crime to transport illegal immigrants, stated Bloomberg. If the law is not blocked in court, it will take effect in September, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mary Bauer, the center’s legal director, made a statement on the group’s website that castigated the new immigration law as being “blatantly unconstitutional,” reported Bloomberg. The statement also said that “this law revisits the state’s painful racial past and tramples the rights of all Alabama residents.”