Computer Glitch Results in Mistaken Green Card Lottery Results

The US State Department announced that it has mistakenly told more than 22,000 people that they had won a U.S. visa lottery due to a computer error, and that the drawing will be redone, according to published reports.

The mistake will likely be a disappointment to those individuals who believed they were next in line for a green card and permanent U.S. residency. Because of the error, the source said 90 percent of the visa winners were chosen from the first two days of visa applications instead of the entire 30-day registration period.

In a statement to reporters, David Donahue, the State Department official who oversees the program, said the agency regrets any “inconvenience or disappointment” that the problem may have caused.

Donahue said the problem has been amended and the results of a new drawing are expected to be available by July 15.

There are various way to qualify for a green card, according to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Individuals may be able to receive permanent residency if they are married to a US resident, have full-time employment in the states, or if they are applying through a refugee or asylee status.