Concerns rising over medical care for youth immigrants

Undocumented immigrants currently seeking American citizenship face a number of challenges throughout the naturalization process. In addition to navigating the lengthy process involved with receiving their citizenship, they often find themselves having to do without many basic benefits of citizenship for long periods of time. While some level of this is to be expected, some of these concerns seem to be more pressing than others. According to several recent studies and reports, an absence of access to quality medical care is one of the most frequently experienced difficulties for undocumented immigrant youth in the U.S. Take a look at some of the more prevalent aspects of this problem:

Ohio ranking dead last
While undocumented immigrants all over the U.S. face a struggle when it comes to finding affordable and accessible health insurance or medical care for themselves and their families, not all areas are as bad as others. In fact, it appears that Ohio may be the single worst state when it comes to providing proper medical care and resources for its undocumented immigrant population. According to 91.3 WYSO, a radio station based at Antioch College in Ohio the state was found to be the least well-providing for undocumented immigrants in the entire nation when it comes to health care. This is due largely to the absence of health care, workplace protective policies and higher education regarding personal health and well-being for undocumented immigrants living in that region.

Delays in health care
Though it may be obvious, it’s worth considering that many medical concerns require immediate attention from qualified personnel. Further, many ailments that can be suffered unexpectedly or without warning will gradually become worse and more damaging if left untreated over time. Regrettably, that scenario seems to be one that undocumented immigrant youth find themselves in more and more. According to The Kitsap Sun, roughly half of undocumented youth in America have put off or are currently delaying care for a medical condition due to cost or accessibility of treatment.

Moving forward
While it’s likely improbable that any one blanket solution can completely rectify the health care system for undocumented immigrant youth, there are currently measures in place to aid these individuals. For example, The Sacramento Bee recently reported that there is currently legislation in front of lawmakers in the state to extend its statewide health insurance marketplace, Covered California, to immigrants. Though this is only one measure taking place in one state, it could be indicative of a growing change in America as immigration continues to be a pressing issue.