Congress meets for last time regarding immigration bill

On June 5, Congress had yet to come to a decision on the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” legislation, and as of June 6, there is no agreement in the House as to where to go from here. Disagreements about what type of health care coverage immigrants would be able to receive after gaining citizenship have become major problems in moving the bill forward. Additionally, conservative Republicans are not willing to support the Gang of Eight’s path to citizenship that was drawn out in the bill. For those who support immigration reform, these blockades could present huge issues with getting new immigration laws in place.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, hasn’t given up on the bill that he helped to write, however, and has been making many television appearances to try to ramp up support for his legislation. He said that improving border security is the first step to getting more Republicans on board.

“It’s very simple,” Rubio said in a press meeting. “If people want immigration reform, we’re going to have to improve the border security elements of the bill. One of the reasons I was asked to join this effort was to help bring Republicans on board. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

According to ABC News, a pathway to citizenship may be lost in the shuffle as House members reevaluate the immigration bill. This could cause immigrants to have a much longer path to gaining official citizenship status if President Barack Obama signs the bill and move it forward.

For now, Rubio is attempting to come up with a bill that both parties will accept. While this proves to be difficult, there is still hope that the 11 million immigrants who need citizenship will be able to come out of the shadows.