Conservative Hispanic group outlines immigration reform proposal

The immigration debate in the US has been raging recently with a number of state legislatures proposing reforms. Now, Somos Republicans, a prominent conservative Hispanic grassroots organization, has stepped into the fray making proposals of its own.

Hispanically Speaking News reports that the group recently released its “12 Steps to Securing Our Borders and Legal Immigration,” which outlines the organization’s thoughts on how to deal with immigration reform.

The first of these 12 steps is “Border Security” with the group proposing the addition of 5,000 immigration agents to the US-Mexico border.

A number of the steps deal with helping illegal immigrants to gain US citizenship and these include introducing application fees to cover the cost of reviewing such documents, an offense fine to be paid by those illegally in the country before they can become citizens and to require illegal immigrants to pay back taxes when they are issued a social security number.

While a number of these proposals appear to be similar to those from Republicans, Somos Republicans also proposes that the number of H-1 visas, which allow employers to hire foreign specialty workers, be increased from 85,000 to at least 200,000.

Part of Somos Republicans’ Vision Statement includes increasing Latino voter turnout.