Couples Plead Guilty to Switching Partners in Marriage Fraud Case

Two couples living in Alabama pled guilty to federal fraud charges for participating in green card marriages, according to the Press-Register.

The foreign couple, Moldovans Marin Limbas and Ludmila Bacioi Seal, have been sentenced to time served and will be handed over to immigration officials for deportation. The newspaper said the Americans, Christopher Seal and Surina Christine Seal Limbas, will be sentenced in September.

Court records show that all four defendants admitted to submitting fraudulent documents with immigration authorities in order to gain permanent residency for the foreigners, who entered the US legally on work visas. The Moldovans, who are a couple, were friends with the Americans, who agreed to the sham marriages as a favor, reported the paper.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Bordenkircher told the court that other than the marriage fraud, the Moldovan couple were law-abiding residents. He did not seek additional jail time for the pair.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports marrying a US citizen is the most common way foreign nationals receive US citizenship. More than 2.3 million foreigners received