Cuban doctors seeking US green cards experience delays

The US green card process for a number of Cuban doctors who defected to America is being delayed because of their past ties to the Communist Party.

The Miami Herald reports that these doctors were expecting to have an easy path towards permanent resident status under a program launched in 2006. According to the news source, the Bush Administration started the program to undermine Cuba’s “doctor diplomacy,” which sends health professionals by the thousands to other countries.

State Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Cuban-American, said that she would look into the hold-ups that the doctors are experiencing, which are reportedly connected to their involvement in Communist organizations in their youth.

“These Cuban doctors are freedom-seekers who don’t want to lie but wish to take advantage of this great asylum program especially designed for them,” she wrote in an email to El Nuevo Herald. “The Cuban tyranny shamelessly uses Cuban doctors as its international medical propaganda, and the US should help these asylum seekers who are tired of the regime’s lies.”

America has imposed a near-total trade embargo on Cuba since February 1962.