Deferred Action Already Well Underway

With President Obama’s deferred action plan going into effect this week, undocumented immigrants are being urged to take advantage of the program as quickly as possible.

“If you qualify for what U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services calls Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, get to work on your application. Don’t miss out on getting two years legal status and employment authorization,” wrote the New York Daily News.

As the largest immigration initiative in decades, more than 1.7 million individuals are expected to be eligible to apply.
Though many people are still hesitant to come out and identify themselves as being undocumented with fear of the consequences, immigration officials believe that once people begin getting accepted by the program, the apprehension will diminish.

“A lot of clients came to us shortly after the announcement, and they will be at the front of the application line,” said Isabel Cueva, an immigration expert in Orange County. “I expect interests to swell even more once others see friends and family members benefiting from the policy. The more applicants, the bigger the backlog, so you want to make sure you don’t delay in starting the process.”

Even with the threat of applications being backlogged in the future, officials still stress that filing correctly is more important than filing early.

“The people who say undocumented immigrants don’t really want to be part of this country will have to rethink that when they see hundreds of thousands or maybe a million young people come forward to sign up in the coming weeks and months,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez told NBC News.

Long lines of people ready to file their papers formed in cities all over the country, with many believing that this is a day to celebrate the undocumented individuals who strive to legally be part of the United States.

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