Deferred Action Applicants Receive Approval

President Barack Obama’s administration has approved the first batch of deferred action applications less than a month after the program was implemented in mid-August. With the 2012 Presidential Election mere weeks away, many experts believe the approval could help President Obama secure the key Hispanic vote.

Although the government initially estimated that it should take 4-6 months for applications to be reviewed, a small group of the 72,000 people who have applied thus far will be notified that they will be able to stay in the country for the next two years.

However, the fast turn around is being publicly criticized by many Republican officials who are skeptical about the legitimacy of the approvals.

“The speed at which the deferrals are being granted continues to raise severe concerns about fraud and the administration’s ability to verify items like age of entry, educational status and even current age,” Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama said in a letter to John Morton, director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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