DHS Draft Shows Deferred Action Preparations

Fox News has obtained a 92-page draft of the Department of Homeland Security’s extensive, detailed deferred action plan, which sheds light on how the Obama administration may plan to implement the policy.

Although the program is not set to begin receiving applications until August 15, an estimated 1,200 individuals who were already being reviewed for prosecutorial discretion have already received approval for deferred action, according to Fox News.

DHS officials expect more than 1 million applicants when the program begins, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials are hard at work fleshing out the necessary details.

Information in the draft insinuates that no application will be outright rejected, citing that if the case is to be processed for a denial, it will be sent to the Background Check Unit where it will be reviewed before an official denial is given.

“DHS uses prosecutorial discretion to focus vigorously on the removal of individuals who pose any threat to public safety or national security,” said Peter Boogaard, DHS deputy press secretary. “No such individuals will receive deferred action under this policy. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and is completely contradicted by our enforcement record,” reported the source.

Critics of deferred action raise concerns about how the program could affect the status of individuals who have already been issued deportation orders, or those in deportation proceedings. According to the news source, the draft said the majority of these individuals – 99 percent – are living in detention centers, which nullifies the rest of the qualifications.

People who are detained or currently incarcerated are not eligible for deferred action. This is because they will not be able to submit an application or pay the accompanying fee as a result of not being able to leave their holding places to complete the necessary biometric testing, Fox News reported.