‘Divided Families’ documentary explores immigration reform

Immigration reform has been taking the political spotlight as of late, but it has also hit the silver screen as filmmakers tackle the topic from new and intriguing perspectives. One new movie that delves into the subject is “Divided Families: Responding with Faith.”

“Divided Families” is a one-hour documentary that looks into the way the U.S.’s immigration policies affect familial relationships. It looks specifically at a young family – Amy and Carlos – from the city of West Chicago, Illinois, located just outside of the Windy City. Carlos does not have American citizenship, as he was brought to the country from Mexico without documentation as a child. For more than a decade, he has been trying to obtain citizenship only to be faced with obstacle upon obstacles.

The film highlights the efforts of Chicago’s faith-based organizations to keep this and other families together. With Obama’s recent executive action on immigration reform, which marks an effort to keep families together, this documentary may be of particular interest to immigrant families. It premiered on WTTW on Oct. 16, and “Divided Families” is available to view online.