Documentary, Report Shed Light on U.S. International Students

A new documentary entitled “Will Work for Words” premiered at the Virginia Film Festival, and explores the difficulties that international students have while trying to find a job after graduation, according to Inside Higher Education.

The filmmaker, Ayşehan Jülide Etem, is an international student from Turkey who is currently pursuing her third degree in the United States. After noticing problems with the United States’ policies toward foreign students, she decided to shed light on the issues to help make a difference.

Leaders in business and higher education have noticed the problems as well. In the past few years, they’ve begun lobbying for expanded opportunities for students who complete their university degrees in the United States and wish to work here after graduation. They wish to mirror the visa programs that other western nations use to attract graduate students to put their education and talents to work to benefit the national economy, the source reported.

A new Partnership for a New American Economy report called for new categories of green cards for foreign students with STEM degrees and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the United States, as well as an increased number of H1B visas for highly-skilled foreign nationals seeking legal entry into the country. A letter accompanying the report was signed by the presidents of 166 American universities, and called on government officials to reform these policies.

“After we have trained and educated these future job creators, our antiquated immigration laws turn them away to work for our competitors in other countries,” the latter read. “Low limits on visas leave immigrants with no way to stay or facing untenable delays for a permanent visa.”

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