EB-1 green cards issued to individuals of extraordinary ability

The United States government offers many different types of options for people looking to immigrate to the U.S. Visas and green cards can address many different aspects of a person’s lifestyle: employment, marital status, or even extraordinary abilities. The EB-1 green card is the document granted to individuals who have proven they have an exceptional ability in a certain field, and an employer’s sponsorship is not required. Immigrants who wish to apply for this green card can do so themselves.

Immigrants who have extensive documentation to prove their extraordinary abilities can receive this kind of green card. Those who have received nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence are eligible. If material about the applicant was published in a major trade or professional publication, they are also good candidates. Also, if the applicant has contributed significant findings to a scientific, scholarly, athletic or business-related field, or if they have achieved commercial success in the performing arts, they may also have the opportunity to receive an EB-1 green card. Individuals who have won awards like Olympic medals, the Nobel Peace Prize or Oscar awards would have the option to apply for this kind of green card.

Other categories of individuals that are candidates for EB-1 green cards include award-winning or published professors, or multinational managers or executives. The time it takes to receive this form of green card is significantly shorter than other versions, because there is not much of a backlog of applicants. Immigrants applying for EB-1 green cards have to demonstrate they are working in the field in which they have the extraordinary distinction, and the professors or managers applying must prove they intend to continue to work in that field once the green card is granted to them.