Federal Government Plans Spanish Language Immigration Info Session

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is reaching out to the Spanish-speaking immigrant population in the country by offering “Enlace” public engagement sessions for free. The most recent session is scheduled for July 28.

These informational meetings and open forums for discussion, all in Spanish, allow many immigrants to access information that they may not have previously understood. Agency updates will also be shared. A question-and-answer session will also be included in the event.

Participants can visit the Sacramento Field Office of USCIS, but the events are also accessible over the telephone or through the agency’s website.

The topic to be covered at the July meeting is unauthorized practice of immigration law, examining the dangers of immigration scams and accessing the wrong help.

Previous topics covered at the public engagement events included how to help a relative become a permanent US resident and how to navigate US citizenship.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, Spanish speakers accounted for 56 percent of the nation’s growth from 2000 to 2010. Approximately 50.5 million Hispanics were legal citizens of the US in 2010, making up 16.3 percent of the total population. The population grew 43 percent over the decade, up from 35.3 million.