Feds offer help in fight against fraudulent immigration lawyers

The federal government may soon begin cracking down on phony immigration lawyers who prey on prospective immigrants.

At a meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General in Washington, D.C., the director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Alejandro Mayorkas, said that his agency is starting an effort to crack down on these unscrupulous individuals, who are often known as “notarios.” He said that the USCIS was eager to assist the attorneys general in protecting prospective immigrants from being scammed, reports The Associated Press.

Jorge-Mario Cabrera, a spokesman for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, told the Orange County Register that many immigrants are victimized by fake attorneys offering fraudulent or misleading advice.

“We need to crack down on these fake attorneys because each year countless victims languish without remedy or are deported and never heard from again as a direct result of shoddy work by unscrupulous attorneys and notaries,” he said.

The AP reports that seven cities across America will serve as test sites for the USCIS’s initiative. These cities are Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, San Antonio and Fresno, California.