Florida sees protests over proposed immigration bills

Immigration advocates in Florida are vigorously protesting two Arizona-style bills that are currently before the state legislature.

The bills include provisions that would require employers to use the federal E-Verify system and it would also allow law enforcement personnel to check the immigration status of suspects, according to Fox News.

The proposed legislation has sparked outrage among the immigrant community. The news source reports that hundreds of people are traveling to Miami and Tallahassee to speak out against the bills arguing that they will lead to racial profiling and hurt agriculture and tourism in Florida.

“Some of our legislators are trying to push forward bills that would have devastating effects on the state,” said Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (FIAC) executive director Cheryl Little during a press conference. She added that FIAC would likely file a lawsuit if either bill became law.

Protest organizer Juan Pablo Chavez told Fox Tampa Bay that the bills would have serious consequences for the Sunshine State.

“This law is going to legalize racial profiling,” he told the news source. “We can’t afford it economically. How about the people that come to Disney, to visit Miami, how are they going to distinguish if they are tourist people from other countries?”

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