Football Star Can’t Play Due to Immigration Status

Chester Brown, a high school football star lineman from Bradwell Institute High School in Hinesville, Georgia, recently de-committed from a football contract with the University of Georgia.

While reports initially stated Brown had de-committed to UGA due to family reasons, the main reason for Brown’s change of heart is due to a relatively new law. The Georgia Board of Regents policy, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, states that an undocumented student cannot take the spot in a university that could lawfully go to a student who is a U.S. citizen or one with a U.S. student visa.

Brown, who was born in Samoa, could not produce proper immigration forms, and so made the decision to de-commit.

According to ESPN, Brown stated that he didn’t want “anything bad to happen to me, anything bad to happen to my family and most of all I don’t want anything bad to happen to Georgia.”

Brown was reportedly so excited to play college football that he had his commitment date tattooed on his arm.

Currently, the high school star is looking at other college options that could be available to him.

The loss of Brown, who has been committed to UGA since last summer, is a big blow for the school’s football program. The program has had four additional players de-commit to UGA for its 2013-14 football season for various reasons.

Brown’s case comes in the aftermath of another Georgia-based undocumented student case, that of Jessica Colotl. Stopped for a minor traffic violation in 2010, Colotl was forced to spend 37 days in a deportation center in Alabama before she was allowed to return to Kennesaw State University to resume her studies.

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