George W. Bush Encourages Immigration Reform

Former President George W. Bush said Congress has an obligation to repair a damaged and broken U.S. immigration system. According to CBS News, Bush thinks that the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill has a chance to pass.

“It’s a very difficult bill to pass because there is a lot of moving parts,” the former president explained to the source. “I understand sometimes you get legislation through that you want….But sometimes…it takes time for some of these complex issues to evolve. And looks like immigration, you know, has a chance to pass.”

Bush wants immigrants to be treated with respect and feel like they can easily assimilate with the country’s diverse mix of cultures. According to the source, he feels the reason to pass immigration reform is to “fix a system that’s broken.” During conversations with the media, Bush pushed the importance of passing immigration reform. He said there may be difficulty in passing the Senate’s legislation and the process can become complicated, but he feels Congress is making progress on the issue.

The former president pushed immigration reform during his time in office, but was unable to get any new legislation to materialize, The New York Times reported. He’s scheduled to host a naturalization ceremony for 20 immigrants July 10.